SUBHADEEP SANTRA :No formal definition of  ‘smart’ was devised since the inception of smart cities Mission in 2015. In a common parlance smart city denote the use of technology to improve quality of life.However, the basic principles beyond the concept is the optimum use of available resources to enhance standard of living that is sustainable and inclusive growth that circumcises the citizen, prevails.

The core areas are affordable housing, water and waste management system, health and education, sanitation.100 smart cities have been selected. A critic of the Modi government had called the ‘smart cities mission’  a political gimmick. “It is not a separate scheme. Already available schemes shall be implemented throughout the nation and 100 cities that  reap the maximum benefit shall be portrayed as smart cities”

100 smart city project

Some say that the BJP government names new schemes to woo citizens that are no separate  endeavours like the Extended  Gram Swaraj Abhiyan.

An economist said, “smart cities could have been an isolated project if all cities under the scheme showed progress under similar lines. Public Bike sharing project was undertaken by coimbatore, Bhopal,Pune and not by any other city.Ahmedabad,Surat and Visakhapatnam,  have deployed the intelligent traffic management system but other cities did not. Only jabalpur has implemented the waste to energy plant producing Power for thousands of households. Only visakhapatnam have developed cctv and gps enabled buses. This clearly indicate uniformity in technological development and individual achievements of states are shown under the Smart Cities Mission.”

Features of smart city

The above arguments have been ridiculed in the lines that the Smart Cities Mission do not engulf State Governments in its ambit. It is also argued that every state have different set of resources and uniformity among states in regards to technological advancements is a mythical desire.

The smart cities mission will be geared up with the collaboration of Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and start up India.


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