People Conquering the Fear of Corona

Debasmita Bhattacharya : On the propitious day of Mahalaya, The Nation’s Talk News focused its lenses on the ghats of Ganga to witness the Tarpana ritual of the Hindus. In this Covid-19 situation, when the entire mankind is disturbed and their lives have been shattered, our perception was not enough clear, whether this year the Tarpana ritual will be celebrated equally or not. Our intuition came wrong, as we witnessed the different scene. Like every year, people visited the Ganga ghats to offer water to divine entities or their deceased ancestors during pitru paksha. To our astonishment, people somewhere forgot the fatal result of corona virus and came without masks. Firstly, the sight of Sodepur Panihati Ganga was quite unfavorable. People without masks and any precaution gathered at ghat, social distancing was out of chapter. Police administrative control was weak. Thereafter, the scene at Alambazar Ramlochon Babu ghat was a bit different. Police control was quite admitting but people’s emotion knew no bound. The ritual of Tarpana was being followed by the same way as previous without maintaining any health precaution of Corona virus. A unique proof of humanity was captured in our camera. Mr. Sumanta Majhi, a social worker in true sense arranged water, masks, sanitizers, thermal screening and food & beverage items for everyone who visited the ghat. He does the same arrangements along with his team every year without any banner. It is very fortunate that still humanity does exist in people’s mind without any expectation. TNT news is glad to capture him. Our final focus was on Baghbazar Sarada Maa Ghat where the same gathering scene continued. We interacted there with some visitors and the final outcome which struck our mind is, Kolkata people are wholeheartedly ready to welcome Maa Durga. Somewhere the fear of Corona virus is being conquered. It is obviously a good positive vibe but the medical survey is casting differently. May time conquer this evil virus and we are expecting everything to get normal so that the biggest festival of the Hindus can be celebrated with great pomp and grandeur.


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