DEBASMITA BHATTACHARYA : 5th September night,Kolkata people have witnessed an incident of humanity. Nilanjana chatterjee is the name beyond this incident. She has helped a girl, expecting to be molested initially.  Unfortunately, the occurrences went against her health. The car, from which the girl was pushed out, caused Mrs. Chatterjee a fatal injury in her left foot. This led her to get admitted at Ruby General Hospital by her family member. The Nation’s talk News has taken her interview to know the incident of that night in detail. Mrs. Chatterjee cooperated with our representative and shared her experience with us. Her indomitable spirit of helping others has always led her mind to help others. We have come to know from her that she has gone through many ups and downs in her personal life from which she eventually learnt lessons and got self motivated.

We have interacted with Dr. Sujay Ranjan Deb, who supervised her treatment, has clearly stated that humans like Mrs. Chatterjee are very much needed to our society. He added that Mrs. Chatterjee is very much strong minded. She controlled herself from getting traumatized. He thanked State Govt. and the total administration for being so active to take immediate action after the incident.

Mr. Subir Dey, Joint manager operation and Brand communications of Ruby General Hospital affirmed that Mrs. Chatterjee was admitted on 5th September mid night in badly injured condition. She was continuously asking about the girl whom she helped. He stated that her firm and helping mentality left everyone standstill. Mr. Dey assured that he is well familiar to Mrs. Chatterjee as frequently visited that hospital due to her Father in law’s treatment. He added that Mrs. Chatterjee’s activity once again proved that humanity always comes first in all odds. His concern says that Kolkata has not become “City of Bhoy” rather it has always been “City of Joy”.



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